Our mission is to continuously deliver high quality salon and spa services for all kids & teenagers in a friendly and clean environment using only organic, natural and chemical-free products that suits their body and lifestyle


To become the favorite destination for kids & teenagers and the most recognized, environmentally friendly brand in the world that promotes healthy lifestyle and provides high quality natural and organic services and products.

Our Story

We are an Emirati couple with three wonderful kids. Our first child, Zahra, was born with serious allergy problems from gluten, dairy and egg products. We were so worried about her and had to be extra cautious about each and every product we used to ensure they are all free from gluten, dairy and egg. Today, Zahra has grown to a beautiful and healthy 9 year old girl that not only had a special diet but also grew on organic and natural products for her hair and body all her life.

The journey of Kiddy Couture began when we were looking for organic and natural Salon for our daughter and could not find any. We were particularly worried about the products that our daughter might be exposed to in normal Salons. So, we started discussing ideas to open a Salon that provides haircuts using organic natural products that are chemical-free and safe for all kids and teenagers. We knew that there were many parents around the world that experienced the same thing we did and in 2010, Kiddy Couture was established and our idea was turned into reality. Kiddy Couture was the first and only salon in UAE that is 100% organic in all its products used from shampoo, conditioner, body creams, gels, body powders and hair sprays; all of which are organic and safe products to use for children.

Our vision started to grow even more when we were looking for a suitable nail spa for our daughter. We wanted to make sure that she has an enjoyable experience and at the same time the products used were safe and chemical free. In 2018, we added the manicure- pedicure SPA stations in our new branches.

There are no limits to our dream and we cannot wait to see Kiddy Couture grow to become the best organic salons & spa for children in the world. But we do not want to stop there; we hope to expand our business into as many categories practically relevant and in line with our vision to provide natural and organic products and services for all kids & teenagers around the world.

Kiddy Couture is a brand that is beyond your imagination and its moving fast towards a healthier, greener and safer world for your child.